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In the situation where a business is underperforming, in distress or in crisis Focus Consulting provides Independent Business Review (IBR) services for either the business owners or financial institution.

Through our multi disciplined approach we understand the workings of the business more than just from the perspective of finance. Our in house multi-disciplined skill sets allows us to assess the business from a financial, strategic, operational and marketing perspective and thus deliver a commercially focused restructuring plan.

The outputs of our IBR’s are concise, clear and workable for all stakeholders involved. They cover overall financial strategy, capital structures and set out achievable and appropriate implementation strategies for the business.

Among the key elements of our IBR are the following:

  • A consolidated picture of total debt exposure
  • An assessment of the short and medium-term cash flow implications
  • An integrated financial model for projections, based on key business drivers and assumptions
  • An assessment of the strength and capability of management and the actions required by management
  • Operational and cost review in addition to a marketing strategy and effectiveness review
  • Recommendations on best practice corporate governance procedures
  • Recommendations on the best way forward for the company to consider.